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Two organizations.

Linked to create a new space for studying science and engineering.

The Northwestern Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering (NAISE) brings together researchers at Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory to create powerful collaborations in fields such as energy, biological and environmental systems, data science and computation, materials, and national security.  NAISE provides students and post-doctoral scholars with unique educational and training opportunities.


  1. To increase membership opportunities with the aim of adding members who will contribute to the organization’s collaborative spirit
  2. To provide synergetic networking opportunities for Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern researchers in the form of at least four workshops and/or seminar exchanges per year
  3. Engage Northwestern University graduate and undergraduate students in research at Argonne National Laboratory

NAISE Centers

CHiMaD: Center for Hierarchical Materials Design

Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD) is a NIST-sponsored center of excellence for advanced materials research focusing on developing the next generation of computational tools, databases and experimental techniques in order to enable the accelerated design of novel materials and their integration to industry, one of the primary goals of the U.S. Government's Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).

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Center for Water Research

The Northwestern Center for Water Research was formed to link the University’s water research efforts in basic sciences, technology development, law and policy, and systems analysis and simulation.

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